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人造人間キカイダー Saison 2 (Tous les épisodes)


Kikaida season 2

Vue d’ensemble::

Liste d’épisodes
  • Terror! The Laughing Egg on Aowani Island!!
  • Black Magick vs. 01’s Secret Power!!
  • Lightning Strikes! 01 Rendered Powerless!
  • Ichiro in Danger! The Gang of Four Unites!!
  • The Weird Crime Syndicate SHADOW Appears!
  • Big Shadow: Mysterious Leader of SHADOW!!
  • Ghost Story: Ghost Woman of the Underground Base
  • Ghost Story: Bakeneko’s Graveyard of Severed Heads
  • Ghost Story: The Challenge of the Goblin, Rokuro-Kubi!!
  • Ghost Story: Gill’s Spirit Damned to Hell
  • Titanic Saga!! The Terrifying Giant Devil Moves!!
  • Outrage: The Indentity of Shadow’s Leader Revealed
  • Vampire Mansion: Terror in a Girls’ Dorm!!
  • Demonic Starfish Women: Annihilate the Human Race!!
  • Devil’s Trade!? Planet of the Pigs Plan
  • The Devil’s Spawn: Zaddam Departs Moonbase
  • Duel in Nanki!! Zaddam Unleashes Supernatural Powers
  • Battle in Uncharted Territory! Zaddam’s Hell Trap
  • Town of Madness: Terrifying Mermaid Strikes Back
  • Red Devil, Blue Devil: 10 Gigavolts of Terror!!
  • Sorrowful Android Bijinda’s Explosive Demise
  • Heartless: The Tears of Lone Gorilla and Son
  • Kimono Maiden: Bijinda’s Hell Picture Scroll
  • Strange 4th Dimension: Terrifying Trip Through Time
  • Master Swordsman: Waruda Emerges From the Mist
  • Fearsome Flying Saucer Brings Enemy Spacemen
  • Mightiest on Heaven & Earth: The Sky Dreadnought Explodes!!
  • Fighting Themselves: The Flame-Throwing Shadow Gun

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